Is an instrumental band that explores landscapes of experimental post-prog-rock/art-punk-jazz. It´s one of those singular bands where you recognize their sound as soon as you hear them and yet it’s a hard task to put them in a box.

The musical landscapes presented relate to freedom through sound, the metaphysical experience of creating something singularly Unique and raw.

The two-piece ensemble of bass, and drums are often accompanied by original Super8 projected visuals. The bass guitar is the central element of the musical creation, delivering the rhythmic, structurally driven music. However, it stands also as an improvisational being, ephemeral and free, working with such variable formations like Bass and drums; bass, drums, guitar and sax, or simply on its own, though the classic Musgos works is as a duo.

In this powerful duo the fundamental purpose is to make original music, where the “dissonant and arrhythmic rhythms are the key to our way of expressing our selves”.

The visuals are an element which makes each of their shows a singularly experience.

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