My way of communicating towards realty is through Error, is something that is not planed, is related with liberation through an action, becoming a communication (not by icons or sentences or even concepts, but in a way of connecting us to the real).

I have the fascination for the unique, the irregular, for this reason it is very important for me the control the techniques that I use.

My work of process consists in seeing the Error as a force of creativity, becoming the link of connection between all the media of my work.

Wandering is a way of Error, as a wander that I am, I work the space perambulating/communicating. Drawing, sculpture, music, etc…. become a kind of meditation, a release just like breathing. We constantly inhale information and we need to exhale all that we have inside.

Through my senses in permanent search and real in permanent change, I get closer to the unique time of suspension.